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    106.7 FM | The Good Book

    “With his latest release Book Binder once again delivers just what he does best. "The Good Book" on Binder's own label Peg Leg Records presents 10 quality self penned compositions all delivered in his laconic style . . . You cannot listen to this cd and not want to get up and jig or take up a jug and blow your heart out. ” Read more

    Acoustic Guitar

    “Although his official residence is in Florida, country-blues troubadour Roy Book Binder practically lives on the road, driving his camper to gigs at coffeehouses, small clubs, and blues festivals. These songs were recorded at Fur Peace Ranch, the Ohio guitar camp run by fellow blues picker Jorma Kaukonen. Aside from his accomplished fingerpicking,” Read more

    Blues and Rhythm

    “Here is a master storyteller who can really crank out the blues.” Read more

    Blues Review

    “This is probably the best way to hear master finger picker Roy Book Binder-in a live performance, with his reminiscences and stories linking all of the individual songs together into a single cohesive set piece.” Read more


    “Kaukonen has long been an admirer of Roy Book Binder, and here he offers a stellar rendition of his “Another Man Done a Full Go Round” with some typically fluid and inventive country/blues guitar work. In fact, he sounds so comfortable with this song that you’d swear it was one of his own.” Read more

    Dirty Linen

    “Book him. The old Bookeroo sings the blues, and he sings 'em real well. But there's a twist. While he covers such seminal artists as Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller, Rev. Gary Davis and even Billy Joe Shaver, Book Binder has included seven originals, the largest set of his own tunes ever to grace one of his discs. ” Read more

    Houston Post

    “Roy Book Binder snuck in the back door. Truth to tell, nobody this side of, maybe Riders in the Sky, came to town with less hoopla and delivered more...more music more warmth, more love (yes call it just that, like it really is!) ...Plays finger-pickin' guitar and oh-so good bottleneck, and sings like a wizard.” Read more

    Jazz Journal

    “On that first100 Club night, Larry discarded his guitar after two numbers and borrowed a Martin from his friend Roy Book Binder, who'd done a set a few minutes previously and created a mood of euphoric delight. Book Binder has flowing hair, a heavy moustache and a cowboy hat, and would resemble Wild Bill Hickok if it wasn't for the fact that he wears glasses. ” Read more

    Jorma Kaukonen 2/16/07

    “Nobody writes in the idiom better than Roy Book Binder. He is a master player, singer, writer and teller of tales? true tales. He wrote THE PREACHER PICKED THE GUITAR and passed it on to me. It is an honor to include it here.Jorma Kaukonen 2/16/07 ” Read more

    Living Blues

    “The "Guitar Artistry" DVD series now includes ten discs. The recordings are filmed in a low-lit uncluttered studio setting where the performers are encouraged to talk informally about their life and times as well as about their music. This was, of course, very easy for Book Binder, who was one of the most amusing and engaging raconteurs on the acoustic club and festival circuit.” Read more

    Living Blues

    “Roy Book Binder has been recording East Coast blues since the '60s, and this new live set may be the best recorded work of his career, proving once again that the blues is an art that rewards the passing years. A student of both Pink Anderson and Gary Davis, Book Binder is one of the few revivalists whose mastery of the elegant East Coast blues style transcends the technical to embrace the form's vision. As always, the program leans heavily on interpretations of classic material from the genre, including tunes by Bayless Rose, Gary Davis, and Willie McTell; also included are bows to country and western pioneer Jimmie Rodgers (He's In The Jailhouse Now) and the Delta's master of double-entendre, Bo Carder (Let's Get Drunk Again).” Read more

    Living Blues

    “This is a warm, charming, engaging album. With his laid-back vocals and strong slide guitar, Roy Book Binder sometimes evokes J.J. Cale, or Dire Straits' early, acoustic songs. But Book Binder's inspirations go way back. Having worked closely in the '60s with Piedmont masters Rev. Gary Davis and Pink Anderson, and having toured constantly for decades, Book Binder is a seasoned, mature blues artist with a sound of his own. He is a genuine example of the traveling-bluesman tradition that began in the '20 s, was revived in the '60s, and continues today.” Read more

    NetRhythms Music

    “Roy won't mind me saying but he's been around for a while now but during that time he's mingled with some of the best in the business. On this live album, he gives us a flavour of people he's known, including the Reverend Gary David, from whom he learned very much. Book Binder's guitar style is very gentle, acoustic finger-picking and his vocals are as equally gentle. This album has 17 tracks interspersed with an introduction for each and he opens with one of his self-written songs, What You Gonna Do, that introduces us to his tender country blues. Baby Let Me Lay It On You is the first of a trio of Reverend Gary Davis songs and Roy makes it sound so easy even though he hasn't played it on stage for 25 years. ” Read more

    Sing Out

    “At last, a live Roy Book Binder album. Book Binder is a good singer and player, but his greatest strength is as a performer and raconteur, using his music to frame his stories and the stories to give background to the music.” Read more

    Sydney Morning Herald

    “The next time Roy Book Binder comes to town, the word should have spread about this entertaining hybrid of folklorist, comedian, blues singer, storyteller and virtuoso guitar picker.” Read more

    “Roy Book Binder has been on the road and playing country blues for audiences since the blues revival of the 60s, when he was a student of Rev. Gary Davis. With all of that traveling and performing, he's had a lot of time to perfect his stage routine. Listeners to Live at Fur Peace Station, his latest release, are the beneficiaries of this long experience and polish. Recorded in performances from 2002 to 2004 at the concert hall of Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch, Book Binder is in fine form, playing his brand of raggy, east coast country blues and deadpanning his way hilariously through the stories and one-liners for which he's become well-known. "The Book" is a modern country blues character if ever there was one, and for those not yet familiar with his style, this record is probably as good an introduction as you can get, short of catching him live. ” Read more