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Book Reports

May 22

Time Flies...

Time flies...MERLEFEST was fantastic but very hot! I don't ever remember 90 degree days in Wilkesboro...

The Greatest Acoustic Blues Show On Earth, was just that. Great sets by Doug Macleod, Rory Block, Happy Traum, Patrick Sweany, Pat Donohue and Jimmy 'Duck' Holmes. Jimmy, from Bentonia Mississippi, birthplace of Skip James and Jack Owens and the Bentonia style of guitar pickin' really opened up some ears and eyes, for sure. Catch him if you can!

Off to "The Ranch", I joined Jorma, Kenny Sultun and Woody Mann for a weekend of teachin' and grinnin' which was more than a good time. John Hammond gave a great concert on the Saturday, he is just amazing. I always enjoy time spent with John and his wife Marla! I really loved visiting with all my old pals and of course the students who seem to always be the kind of people you would hang with if you lived near them!

Headed East after that weekend for some great gigs in New England and New York. It is such a pleasure to be on tour in the new "Bus". Got to spend Mother's day with my Mom who is no doubt my oldest fan! Brother Mike and Naomi had a fantastic barbecue at their house. Brother Paul, my first fan and his family, besides making Mom's Day also made the gig in Larchmont.

Old Pals Bill & Alex Frankel had me up to their Woodstock house after my show at the Rosendale Cafe for some pickin' and some fishin'....Out on the Hudson River in their 24' fishing boat, we had some great time! In two cold days of drifting down the channel bed with live herring for bait, I caught, the first, the biggest and the most Striped Bass! What a thrill, The fish weighed between 8 and 22 pounds! I hadn't been serious fishing in years and was pleased that I hadn't lost my touch. After catching five of the seven fish landed, I just hope that they don't hold that against me...

With a week off, I've just been camping out in luxury, with computer service and cable tv of course, taking it easy, getting some business sorted out and resting. The weather has warmed up and I am really enjoying myself. Just wish Nancy was with me...

This week I'm planning on visiting family again, and spending a few days with my friends who sponsored the BNL gig last week on Long Island. They have a swell driveway, with wi-fi and a good collection of DVDs. I should mention that Joe and Andrea are fantastic people and fun to hang out with as well!

I'll be heading West soon, for shows in Pennsylvania and Ohio and hopefully when schools out, Nancy will meet me out that way.

Bye For Now,

The Book