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Book Reports

Dec 22

The Tour is Over

The tour is over....I am home for the Winter. It was a great year and I thank you for helping to make it so.

Nancy and I are back from our pre- Christmas cruise of the Carribian...A large time was had by all. We were joined by my sister-in-law, Maureen and a few other friends. Got back to a cold St. Petersburg yesterday, but we know it won't last long. Should be in the low 70's tomorrow!

Hope you all have a happy Holliday season, we will be busy with family and friends for the next week or so and then back to work. Have to book up the 2004 tour...quite a few dates already contracted. Actually have more advanced bookings than we ever had before, by December, that is... Some nice festivals and concerts taking us from Florida to The U.P. in Northern Michigan

Expect "The Book" to be available any time now. Sorry it wasn't available for Christmas, but that's life. We do have the new T-shirts available, Guitar Shaped package with The National DON insert. We just about sold out of the First addition of the 'guitar shirt collectable' which was the Gibson Nick Lucas. Eventually we will have all of my guitars in the series....

Time to settle in for the Winter, again have a great Holliday and keep an eye on the website for updates and additions....

By For Now,