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Book Reports

Apr 19

Packing the Bus

I'm busy packing the bus and getting ready to leave for the first road gig, MERLEFEST Monday night or Tuesday morning...It's so hard to believe that another Winter has come to be. As usual there was good news and bad news...Life marches on...

We had a great Winter down here in St. Pete. Did a few very nice gigs and went to see a few too. We had my Nephew Ben down for his Spring Break from college and that was really a fun time. He just about wore me out!...My old pals Paul Geremia and Bob Carlin also visited for a few days and it is always so nice to have my old musical friends around, even though it's always for to short a time.

Last week there was a fanatsic show in town. THE BOOGIE WOOGIE SUMMIT at The Palladium down the street from where we live was a season highlight for sure! My dear friends, Dr. Blues & Liz Pennock put the show on and warmed up and wowed the sold out crowd for their legendary friend, 80 year old Bob Seally. Mr. Seally was unbelievable. He knew Boogie Woogie Pioneer Meade Lux Lewis back when he was a youngster...and he learned his lessons well! He opened with a Lewis tune, "Take The Lobsters Off the Ice, Mama, Papa's commin' home with The Crabs!" Bob was a terrific performer and was very entertaing.

I can't understand why Boogie Woogie piano isn't more popular than it is here in The States ...Liz says they will try to make the Piano Summit an annual event down here and I for one am looking forward to that. Liz and Doc are great!

It should be beautiful up in the NC mountains by the time we get there. We are looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones and of course getting to hang out some with Doc Watson. I love this life...

I'm also really looking forward to the FUR PEACE RANCH session with old fiends Woody Mann, Jorma and Kenny Sultan. John Hammond will be there for the Saturday concert which is so cool, I love hanging out with John and his wife Marla.

I finally got got all my doctor, dentist, haircut, motorhome kind of stuff taken care of last week and I'm at last loading up the final supplies for an extended season on the road.

Hope to see you out there, somewhere...Do visit the website to see where and when I will be performing and contact the venue to get details and make reservations.

You all made it through another Winter, hope it was ok for you...

Bye For Now,