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Book Reports

Aug 24

Lots of Lobsters in Maine

Hey Fans and Friends,

After eating lots of lobsters in Maine, we boarded the high speed CAT FERRY, to Nova Scotia. The boat holds 750 people and 250 vehicles and it moves...45-50 mph!!! It was a foggy day so wee didn't see anything but the huge 'roostertails' behind the vessel. They showed movies, and had a small casino, a resturant and a bar on board.

The morning of our crossing,I was a little nervous as I noticed that my passport had expired in April! As we sailed accross the Atlantic, I figured even if we got turned around at the border, at least Nancy got her ferry boat ride...But it all came to pass, as customs and immigration said nothing about it and we had a great time up there!

Nova Scotia is kind of like Maine without all the outlet malls and traffic. Very nice. We went whale watching on a small Zodiac boat, nine of us dressed in survival life suits, zipping around the Bay of Fundy for 3 hours looking for whales! Kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack! Saw one small Minke whale for 2 seconds, so I was told.

Lots of camping out and eating seafood, it was cool...finished up with two days in Halifax which was a hip city only a short bus and ferry ride from the campground for $1.75. "The Buskers Festival" was going on when we arrived which was kind of like a street circus. No Blues guy's, lots of fire eaters and jugglers.

After a week of being tourists, we ferried back to Bar Harbour, ate more losters and then Nancy flew home. It was a great Summer that we will never forget!

I drove West for 3 days to Lebenon, OH doing about 300 miles a day, to visit friends before flying home for a few weeks. That Saurday, my Florida buddies, Liz Pennock & Dr.Blues were doing a gig nearbye so we surprised them and had a fun evening at the club. What a small world we live in.

Nice to be home in St.Pete with Nancy. She started school last week and her kids begin classes tomorrow. Her first time teaching Autistic children grade k-1 and 2.

It's hot as blazes down here in Florida, but I'll be back on the road in a few weeks. The Fall tour is booked up pretty good and I'm looking forward to touring West to Kansas and Oklahoma, South to Texas, Louisianna and Alabama and then North to Tennessee & NC and finally up to THE FUR PEACE RANCH.

The first week of October, I will stop in at THE NATIONAL STORYTELLING FESTIVAL, in Jonesboro TN, before playing THE DOWN HOME, in Johnson City. I love that event and look forward to seeing some old friends and hearing some new stories!

Well, that sums up whats up with me....Hope everones doing good...and that I'll see ya on the road...

Bye For Now,