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Book Reports

Jun 12

Greetings from Arizona

Lots of miles since I last wrote! Good time at the Fur Peace Ranch as usual, then a quick run South, before stopping in Nashville. Nice gig at Artisan guitar shop in Franklin Tn. Got to visit with old British friend Alan Messer, who is one of the worlds most famous photographers covering the music scene since the 1960's.. He is the brother of England's premier National Guitar Wizard, Michael Messer.

Also got to visit with my old pal, Fats Kaplin & his wife Kristy Rose. First time we got to spend any time together in 25 years or so! We had a really good time catching up and remembering our days as a touring & recording duo. Funny how you sometimes let people slip out of your life for so long...I look forward to more frequent visits to Music City in the future.

Long drives through St. Louis, Kansas City and finally to Oklahoma City. Many nights with tornado warnings, hard rain, hail and high winds. It was really quite frightening. One morning I woke up to beautiful sunshine, rolling emerald green hills and visions of OZ!

Nancy arrived in Albuquerque as scheduled on Tuesday. Great to be together again, on the road headed West. We will be spending a few days in Overgaard, AZ visiting with relatives before heading South to Tucson gig this Saturday.

Next Friday, June 20th, I'll be in San Diego....The promoter is not very if you have any friends down there, please encourage them to come to the show.

That's All Folks...Until next time...

Bye Now

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